Why is it difficult for us to choose?

We make a choice constantly without even noticing it. What tea to brew in the morning, green or black? What scarf to put on? What hand open the door? We solve it automatically. But as soon as we need to make a choice consciously, we fall into a stupor. Who is to blame and what to do?

My friend Yura is a very interesting, active and sparkling person. But he has one problem. He cannot make a choice in any way. The restaurant studies the menu for an hour. Thinks about investments for months-suddenly something more interesting turns up. Settled down at all for six months, choosing a company, because they “really persuaded” (in fact – when the money is over).

What is there – for seven years he meets a girl, they have already given birth to a child, but he will not make an offer in any way: what if this is the wrong choice?

Looking around, I saw that the choice scares not only Yura. He sadden and confuses almost everyone. Where the machinery does not roll, we put off the decision in the hope that it will somehow resolve, well, or “suddenly the option will turn up more interestingly”. I already told about this case. Well, wherever you can, we act “on the machine”. And the lazy brain joyfully saves energy.

Take anyone on the street or in the office and ask about the choice. The choice is good, the conditional will say to any. These are possibilities, these are horizons, it is wow. It’s just worth it to bring the process closer, how it turns out that the choice always comes in the kit – with decisiveness, responsibility and, alas, disappointment from missed opportunities.

Marketers, television producers and sellers of tourist trips have long realized this. They virtuoso juggle with “special offers”, to relieve buyers and their wallets. At the end of the year, I developed a board game for marketers. One of the tasks was to voice 5 or 10 names of popular goods in a short time. Different categories. The most common, such as washing powder.

In life there is a fork much more important than the intersection of a supermarket. And it is important to turn it meaningfully at such moments

So, when the time of the game tests came, it turned out: the promotion professionals could hardly name 5 trademarks. But 10 names on the move could no longer. Sophisticated advertisers do not want to remember the name! Because they really don’t want to choose. What can we say about ordinary people with carts. But okay carts.

In life there is a fork much more important than the intersection of a supermarket. And it is important to turn it meaningfully at such moments. At least for a short time to include awareness. Well, you can without sudden movements, move slowly, at least not to stand opening your mouth. Because the choice must be done. By the way, I had many

Oh, c’est l’une des excuses les plus courantes: “J’ai tellement grand que les préservatifs ne sont tout simplement pas mis.” Eh bien, mignon, alors, peut-être kamagra en ligne les préservatifs de votre “ta” taille? Contrairement à la croyance populaire, il y a des préservatifs de différentes tailles. Par exemple, la marque allemande my.Size est spécialisée dans la libération de ces conférences. Avant d’acheter, cependant, il vaut toujours la peine de mesurer la dignité de votre ami.

situations when I did not dare to decide. And what? Everything was suitable for itself. Other, or even circumstances made the choice for me. But it was not my choice.

The promising relationship that “doubled, touched” and did not lead anywhere. Projects that tanged the company’s resources until their exhaustion. There were many different “underlines” … And yet there is something to be proud of.

It so happened that 20 years ago I entered two institutes at once. Into one that I liked, and in the one that was prestigious. Considerations of the image were outweighed. I handed over the documents, took a working uniform and got on the bus. I went to undergo a mandatory labor practice then. But for three stops made a choice. I went out and went to where I wanted to really study. And this moment was so strong that I still remember him with pride.

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