Behind our shoulders

Many of us are familiar with an atmosphere of deep understanding, when it is possible and interesting to discuss important particular. This can be a scientific seminar or a conversation of artists, or maybe just a conversation between two people who graduated from the same school half a century ago. We are talking about a special kind of buildings – the same books read, a common scale of values, and the foundation of the already well -agreed. What can be thrown over the shoulder – and move on, the writer Leonid Kostyukov believes.

Classmates, including the former, connects a lot: signs of time and places, favorite films, common acquaintances, common profession. Expanding the layer, moving simply to peers, just to fellow countrymen, we inevitably squeeze the overall zone. However, there is something in common and important, for example, for Germans, French, or in general Europeans. It was, of course, in the USSR, and twice: generally accepted figures of speech and a generally accepted system of behavior. The Russian national norm is not observed – neither in words, nor in fact. Neither from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, nor even within the MKAD, we all do not know if there is God (and what is it, if there is) where our country is moving, whether we believe the authorities, whether we must observe the laws, how much is a glass of juice in a cafearound the corner.

The penetrating reader will say that before this general zone of silence united the intelligentsia rather – well, today it does not unite the intelligentsia. If these supports flash in the conversation – we understand, then the end of the phrase will most likely be tired and negative. We both understand that it makes no sense to talk about it. Since the time of Chekhov heroes, these conversations about the main have not led anywhere. Issues of faith, deep beliefs are not discussed, but not because there is obviously common, but because we respect each other and do not invade personal territories. This is Privacy. Where there used to be delicacy as a ability to talk about personal and nervous, now delicacy is the ability not to speak. This new default zone does not imply a common foundation. Discussion of privacy is painless, but almost meaningless.

If seriously, only a common enemy unites in a good way: it is easily approximately the same attitude to Stalin or Chikatilo. Probably, in the old days, we were ideologically surrounded by someone else’s space – it built us. And when it – well, not that collapsed, but it staggered, we turned out to be frighteningly different. Pragmatists and romantics, agnostics and conviction believers. It was good to come in quotes from the “Caucasian captive”. So?

And then – new and mysterious art to communicate heartily and easily, always leaving the interlocutor space for maneuver. Nine hours with a neighbor on an airplane. Three years with employees in the office. Indefinite time – with son -in -law. Without any guarantee of common foundations and views. Or we just not searched there? Or our main and common all this time was nearby?

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